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After the years of traditional Queen’s celebration, according to our last Queen, now Princess Beatrix, it was high time for innovation, the monarchy also had to believe that. A new wind with a South American tint in the shape of our current number 1 Maxima became a true revelation. After all the trammelant because of her birthplace of Argentina where the Junta barbarously kept her house and her father as minister was part of it, love won from evil!

King’s Day has become a very special day with Maxima as the highlight, beloved by people and fatherland, praised at home and abroad for her approach to the poor and the special attention she always has for the subject she honored with her coming. People chant her name as if Feyenoord became champion of the Netherlands after 18 years. A stylish Argentine tango between the tulips of cauliflower country The Netherlands.This is why we as lovers of the Royal Family and Maxima and Alexander in particular our hobby not only with gingerbread cookies, cookies, whisk hands, acrobatic performances, singing choirs from home and abroad, especially Suriname, the Antilles, Indonesia our former colonies want to celebrate, but also on the sofa, alone or together with watching an exciting super horny Dirty Dutch Porn movie.

Dear dear King and Queen,

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It’s that time of the year again in Holland. Our traditional Kingsday is held on the 27th of April. But why would we keep this joyful day away from all our non-Dutch visitors? That’s why we’re having a special Kingsday Discount offer of 50% on Cumbizz.com.